Saturday, August 28, 2010

Flea Rider at Wavehouse!

Hello guys!

We're back from our virgin flea and seriously, dead beat. Though the crowd was really slow moving but we had a lot of fun ;)

We were rather early so we picked quite a good spot. We had some shade hahahaha. The weather was perfect, not a single tinge of grey clouds!

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As part of The Urban Diary, we draw inspiration from people we meet and see almost anywhere! Today at the flea, we met a couple of interesting people who had a wicked sense of style which we're totally diggin'.

Summer is all about colors and showing enough skin.

Isn't this what summer's all about? The flora halter dress and the big hat! Hahaha, we love how yellow compliments Phyllis' skin color and her megawatt smile.

I'm totally diggin' Gillian's pink shorts! Whoever said denim has to be blue? She was literally shining today - the pink, purple and silver sequins on her tank top really gave her the shine. We adore that she completed her outfit with a silver tote bag which was really cute. When's the best time to put on flip flops? SUMMER!

We like how this outfit looks so comfortable yet chic. It is also very easy to put together! Not everybody can pull off a Union Jack print though... But girl, we love those hot pink shade. :P You know, I heard plasters are used to accessorize.. hahahah, I call it a STYLE BUMP!

Not everybody's comfortable with big prints or bright colors - It's okay to stick to black but how can you make black look hot this summer instead of boOoooring?

Rompers are so in right now. I like the frilly sleeves, so girlie and cute. But what I really, really like is those pair of uber chic summer sandals! You know, what shoes you wear tells a lot about you as a person. I always recommend friends to invest in a good pair of sandals that's versatile enough for most outfits. You should too!

Fedora hat, checked. Cute shorts with zipped side pockets, checked. Studded summer sandals, checked! Check out Sunny's feather dangly earrings too.. I'm loving them! Yes, it does seem a little overdressed for the beach but you know, she just added a little glam and glitter to her outfit and there's nothing wrong with it!

Tell us which is your favorite outfit and why by commenting and you might just walk away with one pretty summer frock ON US. :P

Alright guys, till next time! Don't forget to check out our store for pretty summer frocks! We've gotta clear them all out before we bring in more stuff!

Thank you for all the support at the flea and thank you for our friends who came down!

The Urban Diary

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  1. the fedora hat and shorts gets my pick! Its simply enough.she may want to go w/o the feather earrings but pile on chunky wooden bangles. Summer lovin to the MAX! -Hajar N