Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Movie: HUSH

I was very lucky to be invited to HUSH's gala premier at Iluma! I didn't manage to take ANY pictures because I forgot I brought my camera but anyway. Here's a synopsis of what HUSH's all about:

Alice (Evelyn Maria Ng), unsure about her sexuality, is trapped between passion and moral between her family and friends. She frequently comes home late for dinner with her widower father (Vincent Tee) and 2 younger sisters (Janice Yeo and Cassevonrie Chia) due to her overtime at work. This makes her father very upset as he has made the daily family dinner compulsory and sees it as the only way to hold the family together. However, beneath the facade of kinship lie dark secrets and complex emotions ready to explode anytime, when keeping things hush may no longer be the way out.

View trailer here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LJl16pyVDig

It was a very.. provocative film, I must say. Apart from all the bed scenes, it was quite mind-fuck in some ways for me. Secrets are very dangerous things. Which is why some things are best unsaid. It ended quite abruptly for me. I wasn't sure what to feel at the end of it. I think we had our picture taken at the gala! Let me search for it and I'll post it up.

Do show your support for local talents and local production. I'm very proud that Jeremiah, the director, decided to share this fantastic film with everyone after 3 years. Thank you for having me there!

Anyway, on a side note, TUD is going be part of Flea Rider at Wavehouse on Saturday. You'll see items sold on our site so please come say hi if you're there!

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