Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Movie: Going the Distance

Again, feeling very lucky, J-SON gave us 2 free tickets to the preview of Going the Distance at Iluma, Bugis. (Hahaha, what's with me and that place! You can't stop destiny, huh.)

Watch trailer here:

If you're keen to find out what's the movie about, read on! (I'm giving you a choice to not let me spoil it for you, ok!)

In a nutshell, "Going the Distance" is about a couple dealing the ups and downs of a long distance relationship. Tadah! Not very hard to guess, huh? You probably have already guessed. Although the plot is extremely predictable, I actually enjoyed it very much.

As usual, Drew Barrymore always outdo herself in any role given to her. I'm actually very surprised that it didn't make my stomach flip seeing this real-life couple snogging each other on the big screen. Both of them gave a genuine performance. I had my eye on Justin Long after "He's just not that into you" and I am sold after "Going the Distance". I like how he's so charming in the boy-next-door kinda way. (is there even such a thing?!) If it was anyone else in his place, it probably wouldn't have delivered as well.


My favorite scene has to be towards the end when Justin Long and Drew Barrymore had to break up because he realized that he couldn't stop her from having her dreams by making her move to NY with him. As they were at the airport, when he's about to check in, they decided to sit for awhile just to talk; and Barrymore sat down with one of her legs up hidden under her other thigh showing her nervousness and anxiety that they might never meet again. That for me was real and undeniably heart cringing. (I was actually holding back my tears HURHURHUR)

Meeting someone random at a bar, hitting it off almost straight away and then being crazily in love is hard to come by. But you know, these things do happen that's why people write about it and make them into movies. It made me question: How far would you GO the distance for someone you love? Especially when you're unsure about the future and unsure if this is all worth it? I bet you can't answer me right now.

What I know is - When you do meet that special someone, you'll go miles and miles for him/her and you'll never know when to stop because your heart won't let you.

I hope my special someone would go the distance for me, someday. It's ok to walk miles for people you love, even if they break your heart in the end.. 1 thing's for sure, you've already left footprints in their lives and their hearts.

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