Wednesday, September 1, 2010

New Stuff: The Sample Store

Note: The following review is not paid, I'm just blogging because I find it interesting.

Look at what came in the mail earlier!

I was browsing the web a few days back and chanced upon The Sample Store
I found it pretty interesting and I signed up for an account. It's free anyway.

Anyway, some background on what The Sample Store is all about - In a nutshell, it's an online store where you can purchase samples of products you find in all major pharmacies/beauty stores which you'd like to try but is uncertain whether you want to buy the whole bottle of 160ml!

Their tagline was very well thought of: "The Easiest way to find suitable products online".

Are you one of those people who finds yourself wind up with MANY unfinished products (especially Shampoo, facial products, body care products)? You walk past a store and you stopped to look at this prettily packaged bottle. You pick it up and tried the tester. And God forbids, you actually like the smell/texture/whatever (you can just simply like how it looks! -___- I'm way too guilty......). So you wind up paying a good amount of money but months down the road, you realise that over time it doesn't really suit you and you stop using it which eventually goes to waste.

Moral of the story? It's soooo easy making money from women. (Don't be pissed at me, it's true!)

This is what we call - Compulsive purchase, my good people.

But anyway, back to The Sample Store - So what's so great about them is that they allow you to spend VERY minimum on samples of products you've always wanted to try. If you like it after a couple days of use, you purchase from the web again or buy from stores. Simple as that!

I like that the idea's fresh and very economical to our wallets. Of course, as a consumer, you'd ask this question: But I get samples for FREE what?

Yes, but if you check the online store they actually carry products that are not that commercialized over the TV or papers. Brands like Dermalogica, Be the Skin and many more. These are samples where you probably won't get so easily at Watson's or Guardian. Plus frankly, their samples don't even cost a lot. It's only a very small fraction of actual product's cost.

What's also cool about the store is it's interactive among members (like forum la) where you can read other people's reviews on a certain product before deciding whether you want to buy. You can also share your own reviews! Very cool.

The user interface is alright. They kept their design very clean and minimal. It's straightforward without all that fancy functions which I like a lot. Their look and feel remind me so much of Muji!

Anyway, if you sign up now, you'll immediately receive 6 points which you can redeem samples for FREE or at very low prices. You need 2 points to redeem 1 sample. So as usual, I got excited and browsed the site for products I want to try and decided on these two....

Organix's Cherry Blossom Ginseng Shampoo (FOC) & Dermalogica Clean Start kit (Paid $2.99)

I've heard raves about Organix shampoo that it smells divine and I've always wanted to try so I'll let you guys know how it is.

I used to use the Dermalogica range and I quite like it and generally their products are quite expensive. I paid $2.99 for 4 of their recommended product samples from their Clean Start range which I personally feel is extremely worth it instead of buying the actual item which could cost up to $200 or more for a set of 4 like this. Look out for my review when I've tried them.

My package took awhile to be delivered to me (I almost completely forgot that I bought them!!!!) but when it came in the mail, I was impressed with the packaging. My products came bubble wrapped too!! HAHAHA cheap thrill is still a thrill.

Yay bubble wrap!!

To sum it up, it's a pleasant experience purchasing from the site and I certainly hope they bring in more product samples for us vainpots to try! So far, the only down side is that they've quite limited products to get samples from.

I like how e-commerce is getting so easy to for everyone, young and old. Say bye bye to those shameless moments where you go to counters asking for samples! You can now buy them online at the comfort of your home. And YAY for saving money!!

To sign up for an account:

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